Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crew Love

There are many types of students. Some students learn by reading books. Others learn by asking a series of questions. I'm the type of student who learns with hands on experience, usually outside of the classroom. With that said, Leandro and Pete are two of my greatest teachers outside of the Classroom.

In High school, I developed a sincere appreciation of traditional Hip Hop arts and culture. I left for college with this appreciation and through it I met Leandro and Pete. I not only learned lessons about being an artist from these two but learned valuable life lessons as well...

When it came to art, Pete and I were like Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo. The specifics I will not go into, but those were some my most dangerous but cherished experiences. From these experiences I learned about brotherhood, trust, and the nature of rivalries. I learned about symmetry, color theory, and the laws of design. I learned about social engineering, how to carry out missions, and how to get noticed... On a less dangerous level, he taught me everything from how to cook (seriously) to how to socialize at parties and clubs. But the most important lessons I learned from Pete are from his mistakes and the heart he has had to accept responsibility and rebound from them. I will always admire that the most about him. Pete is a Rock Solid Friend, Brother, and most recently Father...

I am known in my circle of friends for giving out nicknames... One of the most appropriate nicknames I have given has been Saint Dro to my friend Leandro aka Droski bka B boy Inephekt. Saint Dro would not kill an insect, I know because I have seen him go out of his way not to. The first thing thing I think of when thinking about Dro is his genuineness. There is something pure about the way he approaches relationships. In addition, I have always admired how Dro sticks to his humble upbringing without pushing his lifestyle decisions on others. Once, Dro and I were working on a piece for Pete's party and I could not get my letters right. Dro showed me the techniqes to get better letters, but left me with the task of completing the piece. I stayed up all night to get it just right and when I did, I was proud to show him and others. Dro knew exactly what buttons to push to bring the confidence out of me to complete the piece. I think all of these qualities make him a great leader. However, the greatest things that I have learned from Dro is the value of an unconditional friendship and the value of true character.

I have the most sincere respect and love for these two guys from South Florida. They have rubbed off on me in such a way that when I meet new people, they always ask if I'm from South Florida. The qualities and lessons that I have picked up from these individuals will be cherished for the rest of my life.