Friday, February 6, 2009


When I was a child I thought my Cousin Alvin was God. To be honest, I thought everyone else did too. Women would woo in the presence of his natural charm and cunning looks (it runs in the family) while men would gaze in admiration of him on basketball courts and football fields. As a matter of fact, my Father once told me that Alvin could make it professionally in any sport that he chooses.

Unfortunately, the choices that Alvin made did not lead him to the limelight but places far darker. Life happens. We all make mistakes.
Sometimes opportunities appear to make up for those mistakes… The year before I left for Florida A&M University, Alvin began his college career. During my Junior year, I moved into a house with him and another cousin. I rarely saw my cousin Alvin and at times his constant absence could be alarming.

During my trip to Tallahassee last week, I decided to stay with my cousins while I handled some business. While I was there, I found out some very surprising news… Alvin is going to be a Father. I realized that this was an important milestone in his life and decided to focus my camera on him and his girlfriend Shana as they prepare for parenthood.

To say the least, my cousin and I are opposites. If it weren’t for the slight resemblance, you would never know that we are cousins. Alvin has a street tough persona while I maintain a much more polished facade. With so many questions unanswered about our family’s history, I believe our search for Identity has lead us down different paths. Although we express ourselves in very different ways, It is our blood that ultimately makes us Acostas.

While photographing him, I realized my cousin had changed.... It was obvious that the news about becoming a father had put a few grey hairs on his head. My cousin displayed a new sense commitment, responsibility, and maturity. I saw in Alvin the potential to become a great Father.

This photo is a portrait of my cousin Alvin at an important milestone in his life. Although he isn’t god, he is a Father… which is pretty much the same thing when you think about it.

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